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Beat Back Pain


With former chronic back pain sufferer, and host of the Back Pain Liberation Podcast, Iain Barker

In This Web Class You Will Discover

  • ZThe three commonly held misconceptions that keep millions of people locked in the misery of chronic back pain, restricted and unable to reach their full potential; be it at work or in sports, hobbies, creative or outdoor pursuits.
  • ZWhy treating back pain as a medical problem so often fails, leaving sufferers struggling to fulfil family responsibilities to their partners and children.
  • ZHow a vicious circle of restriction, fear and pain makes it hard for many to enjoy an active social life; what should be fun events become, literally, painful - leading to further isolation.

And How Almost Anyone Can:

  • ZBreak through the self-limiting beliefs by adopting the Mindset of Empowerment, to eliminate (or significantly reduce) back pain and be free to focus instead on career, or personal, goals and fulfilment.
  • ZImplement the 3 Pillars of the Back Pain Liberation System to feel relaxed and comfortable doing everyday stuff like making and enjoing the family dinner together, mowing the lawn or driving to the shops.
  • ZStop wasting time and money on ineffective treatments, therapies; avoid the risks of surgery and long term use of pain medication.
  • ZIncorporate this unique, practical and effective self-help system into their busy life to feel confident and enjoy attending social gatherings, sports and cultural events.

Hi, I’m Iain Barker, host of today’s online seminar.

I first got back problems in 1993.

Soon I was in constant pain which was just miserable and made day-to-day life a real struggle.

Acute episodes would see me flat on my back in agony unable to work, or do anything else, for days or longer.

None of the many doctors and therapists I tried could help.

Over the last 27 years I’ve put in a whole lot of time and effort to become expert in self-help methods.

Now I can work, drive, play sport and enjoy social and other activities without being limited by back pain.

I am presenting this webinar to you because I want you to be able do all the things that bring you happiness and fulfilment – without pain, restriction and anxiety.

Because I want you to be free of the misery of chronic back pain.

I’ve done all the trial and error to find what works, so you don’t have to.

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