How To Plan An Effective Meeting With Your Doctor

Turn up to your doctor’s appointment with back pain and no plan.  Just an expectation you will be diagnosed and somehow fixed.

You’ll probably leave with back pain and no plan.

No satisfactory diagnosis either.

I know, I’ve done it.  It’s frustrating. You get nowhere.

The truth is, for most people, your doctor doesn’t know what’s causing the pain.

 (S)he will examine you to establish whether there are any signs of a serious medical condition.

Usually there aren’t.

Having ruled out a serious medical problem, that leaves some sort of strain or sprain as the likely cause.

The back is a complex structure.

The doctor can’t pinpoint the exact location of a soft tissue strain and wouldn’t be able to treat it more effectively if (s)he could.  The usual advice is to take pain relief and keep active, it will get better in time.

While there is some merit in this approach, it really doesn’t help if you suffer on-going back problems.

You don’t want to be in pain, throwing your back out, then waiting for it to get better, over and over.

It’s no way to live.twilight zone rounded corners

Welcome to the Twilight Zone of non-specific back pain.

Otherwise known as simple back pain or unexplained back pain.

To navigate your way out of the Zone and back into the land of the living you need a route map.

The Two Things You Need To Find Out

Two Balloons

I highly recommend that you seek medical advice for your back pain.

Do it at an early stage.

Know in advance what you want to establish from the meeting.  There are two key pieces of information that will determine how you can tackle the issue.

1.  Do You Have a Diagnosable Medical Condition?

Most likely there will be no clear diagnosis.

Doctors don’t like to frighten their patients with words like ‘unexplained’ or ‘non-specific’.  They don’t like to alienate someone in pain by referring to their condition as ‘simple’.

Don’t expect to hear these exact phrases, especially without prompting from you.

Bottom line; if you don’t get a specific diagnosis, then it’s non-specific back pain

2.  Can You Exercise?

Is your Doctor happy for you to do moderate exercise with a view to mobilise, strengthen and relax your back?

By doing the right exercise in the right way you can achieve amazing results.

What Now, Charlie Brown?


Most people will leave the doctor with no clear diagnosis and a vague idea that some sort of exercise would probably help.

Maybe swimming.

This was me, some years ago.

The Back Pain Liberation strategy is all about how to proceed from this point – everything I learned the by trial and error.

From being all at sea, to having a clear, workable strategy and overcoming back pain.

Unexplained back pain may not seem like a positive outcome from your meeting, but this is the best possible result.

Some will get a diagnosis of a minor condition.  Your doctor may still say that you can exercise.  This is outside my experience. You may find the strategy helpful in conjunction with medical advice.

In the unlikely event of a serious medical condition, of course you must follow your doctor’s instructions.

So, by the time you leave the meeting with your doctor, you should have a clear idea of where you’re heading.

If you’re not getting a firm diagnosis and treatment then stop thinking of your pain as a medical problem.

Take control of your own well being and follow a proven strategy to deal with your own problem your own way.

I don’t know any way to do this without training for better posture.  It’s going to take some work.

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