Book A Podcast Interview


Thank you for your interest in appearing on the Back Pain Liberation podcast


Interviews are via Skype and are audio only


The call should last less than 1 hour


Book A Podcast Interview


Thank you for your interest in appearing on the Back Pain Liberation podcast


Interviews are via Skype and are audio only


The call should last less than 1 hour


Find out more and schedule your interview here

Target Audience

The Back Pain Liberation podcast is aimed at men and women with chronic back pain.

They have sought medical advice, probably on many occasions. Treatments and therapies have been largely ineffective.

They are open to new ideas, exploring self-help options and the mind-body connection.

Show Format

I use a tried and tested podcast interview format:

  • Introduction with overview of relevant expertise and accomplishments
  • 20-30min interview with thought leader (that’s you)
  • Recap, highlight takeaways and add specifics

Introduction and recap are just my voice. I will write and record them after we have done the actual interview.

Topics and Example Questions

The backstory

  • What led you to find out about chronic back pain?
  • Is it a problem you have personally experienced? (If so, what different things did you try to fix it?)
  • Why do you do what you do?

Your offering

  • What is it all about ? (Expand on the introduction)
  • How does it help back pain?
  • Who is it for? Can anyone benefit from it?
  • How would a listener get the most out of it?

Real-life success stories

  • How has your method improved the quality of someone’s life? (Maybe have a couple of examples ready to go)

What works and what doesn’t for problem backs

  • Is there a mindset for success – if so what is it?
  • In general what are the kinds of approaches that are effective?
  • What are some myths about back pain?

More about you

  • What’s the best way to find out more about you? (e.g. website, social media, book etc.)
  • If there is any current event or happening, mention it here….
Technical details

A regular laptop/desktop and broadband internet setup should be fine.

(Recommended download/upload speed for Skype audio calls is 100kbps. You can check the speeds you are getting at if you get a result in Mbps then you are good to go.)

Otherwise, there are a couple of easy wins for a stable call connection and good sound quality:

  • One of the things that can degrade a Skype call is weak Wi-Fi that cuts in and out. To ensure a solid connection it never hurts to plug an ethernet cable from your router into your computer.
  • Built-in microphones and speakers are not ideal. If you don’t have mic/headphone equipment already, a basic headset is quite affordable. One like this would do the job (I’m not an affiliate, I just have one of these!)
On the Day - Pre Interview Checklist
  • Run to the bathroom, grab a bottle of water or cup of coffee, and find a place with minimal background noise (close your office door, turn off noisy HVAC systems, etc.)

  • Make sure that you have a good internet connection.

  • Close unnecessary programs and turn off notifications (emails, messages, calendar alerts, Chrome notifications etc.)

  • Mute your phone, tablet, and any other nearby devices.

  • Plug in your headphones/microphone and log onto Skype.

  • Smile — let’s have some fun!

Note about language: we’re trying to make this a podcast that all listeners can feel comfortable listening to in any environment. For that reason we ask that you avoid swearing and adult content during recording.

Your Finished Podcast Episode

Your episode will have a ‘hub’ post on my blog. The Todays’ Guest section of the hub post will have links to your online presence to include:

  • your site
  • your social pages
  • any book, event etc. that you are currently promoting


Naturally it will link to the podcast itself which is available on:

  • iTunes
  • Stitcher
  • Soundcloud
  • TuneIn


I would need an image (or images) representing you and/or your offering for this post. I can grab something from your site or you can send different images if you prefer.

Please have a look at the blog to get a feel for how it all turns out.

Some editing will be required for best sound quality and to present a flowing conversation. I try to keep this to a minimum and make every effort to preserve the original meaning and tone.

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