Live Training via Skype


»One-to-one private training sessions


»Workouts designed for problem backs – this is how I live pain free


»Time and place to suit you


»All you need is a Skype connection and a little room to move

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Who Is The Training For?


My training is focused on what I know – chronic back pain that defies medical explanation. (Referred to by doctors as simple or unexplained back pain).

Thankfully, back pain is not usually an indication of any serious medical condition.

Having said that, you should get it checked out – better safe than sorry.

You will not be able to train with me until you have been examined by your doctor.

What Should You Expect In A Training Session?

Personal training via Skype video call.

We work through a specially designed set of exercises together.

All beginner sessions are 30 minutes long

Each exercise is designed to be easy to learn and of easy to moderate intensity.

How Does It Help Back Pain?

My workouts are specifically designed to alleviate back pain by focusing on the three key areas:

  • Movement
  • Posture
  • Relaxation

I have overcome chronic back pain by training regularly in this way – it works.

How Is It Different To Other Classes?

Exercise can be great for back pain. To be effective though, it has to be the right training – done in the right way.

I first got back problems over 20 years ago. In that time, I’ve trained 1000’s of hours, both as student and instructor, in a whole lot of different styles.

I learned how to fix the problem – what works and what doesn’t.

My workout sessions are the result of all that experience, focused onto the most practical and effective way to overcome simple back pain.

Nothing more, nothing less.

What Do You Need To Get Started?

No special equipment is required. –  just a suitable device and internet connection for Skype calls.

You’ll need enough space to step front, back and to the sides as well as swing your arms. This could be at home, in a hotel room or almost anywhere.

You should wear comfortable clothing for moving and stretching.

Price and Payment


A 30 minute session is 399 Swedish Kronor (US $49.63 at current exchange rates†) including sales tax. Payment is via Paypal, either with a Paypal account or card, for maximum security.

Paypal charges buyers a small fee for currency conversion.

† courtesy of Open Exchange Rates Ltd

*Unconfirmed bookings expire after 60 minutes. Please make payment to confirm your time.

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