Get Rid Of Back Pain Once And For All

Getting nowhere with doctors and therapists? Try a winning strategy with focus on posture, core strength, flexibility and relaxation

Take Control Of Your Own Well-Being And Ditch Your Back Pain? Yes

Iain Barker

Hi, I'm Iain

I used to suffer back pain every day. Now I live pain free. This site is about sharing the strategy and helping you to apply it.

Unexplained Back Pain

For most people, back pain doesn’t represent a serious medical condition*. Your doctor can’t pinpoint the cause. Generic advice is to take pain relief and keep active.


Decide to overcome your back pain. Focus on solutions rather than problems. Do what it takes to succeed.

Train Right

Effective exercise focuses on the mind-body connection to improve posture and well-being.  Choose a style that suits you.

* Source Backcare.  Always seek medical advice.

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